Homemade walnut cake

After searching through google for ‘potluck dishes for big groups’ i came upon this site mrandmrsvegan page with pictures of palatable looking walnut cake, on the box there’s the person contact. The next moment I realised I have just ordered
a 2kg slab from the affable sounding Mrs Lim!

walnut cake 01  Generous topping of walnut and double layer with sweet jam lightly spread. Sweetness was moderate, texture was soft.walnutcake 02 Simple box with contact number.DSC_0746Location to collect the cake at Yeley Building.
Mrs Lim is a affable lady, she does her baking at her residence at Yeley Building. According to her she does it out of love and she enjoys her craft. Many have approached her for business ventures, but she declined them all.

All orders are made by phone, and best to do it 1 to 2 days in advance as she is mostly overwhelmed with orders.
Besides Walnut cake, she too take orders for her Kueh Lapis, Butter cake.

I look forward to my next order of kueh lapis from this good humoured cake artisan.

730 Upper Serangoon Road
Yeley Bldg
6280 2251 Mrs Lim


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