Hometeam NS Bukit Batok

Madame was having appointment around bukit Batok, so we checkout Home Team NS at Bukit Batok for lunch.

Its been a while since we last visited the clubhouse. Probably 3-4 years ago when girly first hit the pool and madame was coaching her swimming.

The clubhouse had gone through a facelift recently. We ended up eating at Saizeriya -Italian casual dining. The food was not fantastic, but provide us shelter from outside 178 PSI and generally food court price.



black squidBlack squid ink spaghetti

pizza8 inch bacon pizza


chocolate lava cakeThe dessert was awesome though – chocolate lava cake with ice cream!

chocolate lava cake

For HomeTeamNS members who spend above $15 you can get a free single scoop ice-cream.
I got my ripple flavoured indulgence!

There was an event going on in the clubhouse, girly wanted to get a face tattoo from one of the many vendors there.

girly face tattooGirly loves the lovely butterfly!!

milk and honey


Ah Huat There’s even Ah Huat coffee! My next stop next time round.


blossom gardenChinese Restaurant

massage chair



home team NS front


floor plan

A good place to hangout, its about time that the HomeTeam have a place that its members can enjoy in style similar to that to the Safra clubhouses. Fantastic! Look forward to coming back again!

2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7
Singapore 659003
Tel: 6705-9499 | http://www.hometeamns.sg


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