Boy boy, starting solid food

Our little human Dru, is closing in to his 6 months. Mummy has started him with an intake of cereal together with one of his bottle feeding time.

Today I went out to buy a small tin of Nestle cerelac ( Brown rice and milk) as we had left our packet of organic cereal ( compliments from my SIL) at Dru’s grandma place.



Mummy prepares about 1 tablespoon of cereal for a start, it has been a week since little boy had his first taste of solid, he seems to like it.

Right now he is drinking about 150ml-160ml.

Nestle Cerelac, we found that its pretty sweet for baby. As we are comparing to the organic brand. I will post the brand later when I get my hands on it.

Wife says the Nestle taste like redbean.



I believe this will be first and last taste for Dru on this brand of cereal. He seemed to like it though!



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